Prince2 Practitioner

In the last week of November I attended a Prince2 course and took the Foundation and Practitioner exams. I was very satisfied of the Foundation exam results, having 65 correct answers out of 75. I just received the results for the Practitioner exam, I am officially a certified Project Manager. Me, happy!!!

A bow for Sergiu Nicolaescu

I woke up today and heard the news that Sergiu Nicolaescu died. As my husband is passionate of Romanian cinematography, having a collection of more than 300 Romanian movies, I watched with him in the last years one or two Romanian movies every week. A few were directed or had Sergiu Nicolaescu as an actor. I was impressed by Ciulandra, a […]

My birthday outfit

I am happy that I spent a lovely b-day yesterday. My husband waked me up with the breakfast prepared and he made his best to entertain me. So we went to the cinema, had a walk to the city center (I am always fond to walk on Calea Victoriei – my favourite street in Bucharest, it’s full […]

New Year’s Eve outfit

The New Year’s Eve is one of the most important events of the year. No matter where I celebrate, I always try to find a nice outfit that will make me feel good. For me, clothes are usually the mirror for my mood. Every morning, when I open my wardrobe to find the right outfit for […]