Umor, amor, fior de dor in Bucuresti

In aceasta seara am fost sa vad piesa Umor, amor, fior de dor in Bucuresti la teatrul Notarra. In general am vazut piese foarte dragute aici, precum Scandal la opera, cu Mircea Diaconu, o comedie foarte buna, sau Metoda, o piesa cu un subiect atat de actual si in care m-am regasit, despre angajatii si […]

Experientele mele regale

Intotdeuna am fost fascinata de familiile regale: imi place sa vizitez resedintele regale oriunde ma duc, as vedea oricand un documentar despre regi si regine, printi sau printese, sau as citi o carte despre vietile lor. In seara asta am vazut filmul The King’s Speech care m-a impresionat, si ma intreb cum de nu l-am vazut pana acum?!?

A post about happiness

I recently read a quote that I liked: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” (Marcus Aurelius). It seems that we have more that 60.000 thoughts every day, but I realized that it’s so important to keep a positive and optimistic attitude.

5 days in Algarve

I spent the second part of my honeymoon in Algarve. We traveled from Lisbon to Lagos by bus. The price for the bus or the train was the same, and I would always choose the train, but this time, there wasn’t a direct one and it was easier to take the bus.

4 days in Lisbon

The longest holiday I had in 2012 was my honeymoon in Portugal. My fiancée selected the location, and I was very happy with it, I was dreaming of seeing people taking in Portuguese on the streets, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and exploring the world of the former kingdom.