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This evening I wanted to try a new restaurant. I was in doubt between a peruvian one and a fusion one. As the peruvian one was closed today, I went to Autographe. I chose this one because the food is cooked by the two finalists from the Masterchef show, Alex Petricean and Bogdan Alexandrescu. As I watched the TV show every week, and I saw the evolution of theSDC10975 two participants, being impressed at the end of their results, I considered it worth to pay a visit at their restaurant. The address is Calea 13 Septembrie 85, a central location, across the street to the Marriott Hotel. The decor didn’t impress me, it is considered a luxury SDC10974restaurant, but there are pigs on the walls. I liked that I was asked if I want my coat to be taken to the wardrobe. The atmosphere was quite nice, with lovely ambient music. Regarding the food, it was tasty, but the way it was presented was not so creative. We had an appetizer that contained prosciutto, spinach, and salad that I’m not sure what contained, but it was incredibly good. The bread that came with it was also fantastic. It was arranged in the plate in a very interesting way. Unfortunately, the main course was not so impressive. I had turkey and my husband chicken. It was tasty but under expectations. The desert was an apple tart with ice cream. I really liked the desert. In conclusion, it was a nice experience, the masterchefs are doing a good job but there is place for improvements.




4 thoughts on “Autographe Restaurant – impressions

  1. So it was nice but not AWESOME so, I’m not decided to go there to eat my lunch because it’s not so far from the School I teach! :))) hihi, but the post it’s very helpful! good job!

  2. Hello and thanks alot for the kind words. Firstly your review should start with the information that your dinner experience was the result of an online voucher which you bought…this voucher has limited main course variations and the possible variations are the least complicated from our menu. We think that for only 69 lei (2 pax*3 courses) you get an amazing quality-price ratio! We invite you to check our facebook account ( to see the real pictures of the a la carte dishes…not the uncomplicated voucher ones, developed especially for quantity and fitting the amazing price/quality/quantity ratio …

    1. Yes, Dexter, you are right, the lunch was a result of a voucher. I read about the restaurant that you can place orders online, but I didn’t find this functionality, maybe you can help with guidelines. Anyway, coming to Autographe was a nice experience, hope I’ll come back. Cheers!

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