The last day in Vienna

Unfortunately, the last day in Vienna came, and we had to pack and check out at 11 am. But this didn’t mean for us the end of fun. Our first goal was to find some secure boxes to store our luggage until the evening when we had our flight back to Bucharest. This was an […]

Forth Day in Vienna

This was a good day for science for me and my companions as we spent this day mostly in the Technical Museum. I liked the Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau styles building  and while getting closer I was wondering what can be stored in a four flours that big building. I was about to find out […]

Third day in Vienna

Early in the morning, after an energising breakfast, we came back to Schonbrunn, this time determined to see it all. We started with the grant tour of the palace, that allowed us to see all the 40 rooms. I enjoyed listening the story of every room, in a few ones I even took a moment […]

Second day in Vienna

The second day in Vienna was more active. In the morning, I visited the Belvedere Palace – the regal family summer residence. I was impressed by van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Manet paintings, I wish I had more time to admire it. This remembered me of Rodica’s  Ojog Brasoveanu book – ‘Cianura pentru un suras‘ which I enjoyed […]

First day in Vienna

After coming back from my honeymoon, the first thing that I wanted to do was to plan the next vacation. I realized that having an upcoming vacation planned makes me happier, motivates me better. That’s why in early October I booked the plane tickets to Vienna for mid December. I considered is the best destination […]