Despre Instagram, cu fascinatie

Acum patru saptamani, cand doar ce stabilisem data pentru botezul Melaniei, iar timpul pentru organizare era extrem de limitat, eu imi faceam pe metrou o lista de lucruri de facut in zilele urmatoare pentru fericitul eveniment si in acelasi timp ma gandeam la intalnirea la care mergeam – cea de-a zecea editie Digital Parents Talks. […]

Happiness Quotes

Today I finished reading a book with 365 quotes about happiness, one for every day of the year. The book is available here. I highlighted the quotes I liked most and i want to share it with you. Six months ago I wrote a post about happiness, it’s a subject that I’m always interested to […]

A post about happiness

I recently read a quote that I liked: “The happinessĀ of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” (Marcus Aurelius). It seems that we have more that 60.000 thoughts every day, but I realized that it’s so important to keep a positiveĀ and optimistic attitude.