The nicest b-day card I received

There isn’t anything that can give more personality to a present than a card that comes with it. I like to write a card for every present that I give. These remain and in time will be nice memories. When I visited my parents for Christmas I read all the b-day cards I wrote to my mother along the time. There were so many and remembered me of her anniversaries. My sister, Evelina, also writes me a card for every anniversary. The card that I received this year impressed me to tears. She wrote me such a good advice, that I think everyone should follow in order to be happy: “Don’t let any day to pass without thinking of the blessingsĀ in your life” and “Most people are as happy as they allow them to be”. That being said, I’m grateful for all the good things in my life that make me happy every day.

Eve's card

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