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I recently read a quote that I liked: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” (Marcus Aurelius). It seems that we have more that 60.000 thoughts every day, but I realized that it’s so important to keep a positive and optimistic attitude. It’s nothappiness easy all the time, sometimes you’re just not in the mood, but I want to defeat this when it’s the case and to live a happy life. In order to do this, I’m taking in consideration my sister’s advice – never forget about the blessings in my life. I remember that Donna Karan, the fashion designer shared her secret in an interview, answering to the question “how do you get your energy during the day?” by “ I take once or twice a day a few minutes to feel grateful for everything I have”. It’s a good exercise, I think. Even if maybe things don’t seem so good sometimes, there are reasons to be happy, and for me are the following:

  • I’m healthy and (still) young. So many people lay in hospitals all over the world, suffering of horrible diseases, or others come into the world with disabilities, I was lucky enough to be born healthy and I’m still healthy now and this allows me to live my life to the fullest.
  • I have in my life people who care about me, people who consider me important in their lifes, people who made so many nice things for me along the way and I’m referring here to my parents, my lovely sister, my husband and my dear friends. Without them my life won’t be the same.
  • I had the chance in life to get an education, to have everything I needed to develop myself, to extend my horizons, to grow as a person. I had a very happy childhood. Many people around the world don’t have this chance, so I consider I was lucky.

Coming back to happiness, in the everyday life, there are small things that can affect us, and that can turn our world apart. And in that moments, maybe the reasons mentioned above for being happy don’t matter at all. I wrote this post in case this ever happens, I’ll come back and read it in order to realize I have all the reasons to be happy. I hope when you read this lines, you realize the same things, that you deserve to be happy and you’re enjoying the happiness. Cause it’s the greatest feeling!

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  1. Are we talking about the Law of Attraction? 🙂 Of course our thoughts are giving us the happiness or they can steal it! We decide what we want by organizing the mind! All the time focus on the things that makes you happy!

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