Purple Veil & Ruffles for an Ethereal Look

This weekend was FAN-TAS-TIC! I attended two weddings of dear friends, danced for more than 12 hours at both, met nice people, visited a palace I wanted to see for a long time, went to lonely penguin’s native town.  Additionally, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary and this added even more magic. Having so many events on my agenda didn’t stop me maintaining my workout schedule – I spent two hours on Saturday running and practicing fitness in the park.  It was definitely a full weekend and I’m glad I have great memories now. Below I present you my outfit for the day ceremony of the Sunday wedding.


3 25


Purple Veil Dress: by Nona

Shoes: Wikotti Boutique

Bag: Avon (gift)

Earrings: B&B

Hair Accessory: Meli Melo

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