Fictiuni Reale

romania_flag_24Aseara am participat la lansarea volumului “Fictiuni reale” la libraria Humanitas Kretzulescu, o selectie de 67 povestiri scurte, dintre care una scrisa de Ioana, PrintesaUrbana. Motivul pentru care m-am dus acolo a fost sa o cunosc pe ea, deoarece imi doresc asta de ceva timp, am mai avut o tentativa la picnicul organizat de Foto Union in ultima zi de vara. Din pacate atunci mi-a fost prea rau ca sa mai pot merge la picnic, dar uite ca astrele s-au aliniat din nou, iar aseara am cunoscut-o pe Ioana, am stat vreo doua ore de vorba cu ea, am ras, ne-am simtit bine, am ascultat Dan Byron si am mancar tort delicios. Povestea din spatele cartii m-a cucerit din primul minut: proiectul a fost initiat pe Facebook de Florin Piersic Jr. care a creat un grup deschis, cerandu-le membrilor sa le trimita o poveste scrisa la persoana I din maxim 500 de cuvinte. A primit peste 800 de astfel de povesti, din care le-a ales pe 67 cele mai bune. Cata munca si perseverenta trebuie sa fie in spatele unui astfel de proiect! Jos palaria! Am cumparat carticica pe care abia astept sa o citesc integral! Ioana si Florin Piersic Jr mi-au dat autografe scrise din inima (voi pune un update la  articol cu mesajele lor). Mi-a placut foarte mult evenimentul …Eve a tot participat la lansari, o data chiar in calitate de blogger, detalii aici In primele minute Florin Piersic Jr. a intrebat cati scriitori sunt prezenti, si a cerut sa ridice mana scriitorii. Jumatate dintre oamenii prezenti au ridicat mana…sper ca in curand sa fiu si eu printre ei. Nu cred ca v-am spus pana acum, dar visul meu cel mai mare in viata asta este sa scriu o carte.

united_kingdom_flag_24 Last evening I attended the launch of a stories book called ” Real fictions” at Humanitas Kretzulescu book store. The volume contains 67 short stories, one is written by Ioana, The Urban Princess. The reason I went there was that I am wanted to meet her for some time, I had one more attenpt at the picnic organized by Foto Union in the last day of summer. Unfortunately, I had a medical problem back then and I wasn’t able to attend. I’m happy that the stars alligned again and I met Ioana, I talked to her for more than two hours, we laughed and felt so good, we listened to Dan Byron and ate delicious cake. The story behind the book won me from the first minute: the project was initiated on facebook by Florin Piersic Jr., he created an open group, asking the members to send short stories written from a first person naration point of view. He received more than 800 stories and selected the best 67. So much work and perseverance is needed for such a project! Hats off! I bought the book and i can’t wait to read it all! Ioana and Florin Piersic Jr. signed the book for me and wrote messages from their hearts (I’ll come back with photos of their messages). I really enjoyed the event… Eve attended a few book launches, one time as an official blogger. At the beginning Florin Piersic Jr. asked how many writers are present and half of the people raised their hands. Hopefully, soon I will be able to raise the hand myself. I don’t think I told you this, but my greatest dream in this life is to write a book.


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