1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Life as a fairy tale is for me the theme of the week…In the last days, more than ever, I felt so blessed and happy to have so many things I can be proud of in my life. But when enumerating those things that make my life feel so great, the key element is that I’m not sailing in this wonderful journey called life by myself, I have my soul mate to share the joy and fears. Any achievement doesn’t bring so much joy, if you have to celebrate it alone. As a matter of fact, being in a happy marriage is for me one of the greatest achievements of my life. Tomorrow we celebrate one year since we took the commitment we’ll make each other happy for the rest of our lives. Our wedding day will always be for me an awesome memory, the moments that thrilled me the most are the following:

  • the priest speech at the end of the religious ceremony (I will make it available on YouTube soon and you’ll understand what I’m talking about)
  • our first dance
  • the midnight moment when I congratulated my parents in front of all the guests for their 33 years wedding anniversary

My wedding day and night were absolutely fabulous and I want to take the opportunity to thank some special people that did their best to please me:

  • my bridesmaids (who took care of many things for me). Eve had a list with tens of tasks that she checked during the day, Mada searched for days bubbles for me and she didn’t give up until she found it.
  • our godfathers (who supported us all the way from the first day we started organizing the event until 6 am in the morning after the wedding night when everything was completed)
  • my parents and in-laws that were there for us making the day even more special
  • our dear friends who joined us for the celebration of our love

Regarding the wedding related services I continue the special thanks list with the following:

  • PhotoSophia – Roxana & Mircea Florescu – they made my fairy tale come true. Photos available here, more insights here
  • Dj Emi – entertainment master, we danced all night thanks to him
  • Ileana Machidon (traditional romanian music) – talented and charming, I’m proud to have her as a friend
  • Andreea Tanislav makeup artist – also talented and passionate, made me feel so beautiful in my wedding day.

Eve also wrote her version for the wedding experience here.

I want to end this post by thanking the lonely penguin for making me so happy.

Enjoy the highlights of the day:

And they lived happily ever after…

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