Pink, Turquoise, Balloons and Fun

Today I felt the need to escape the daily routine and get into my own world, return to innocence and childhood, when everything was a game and every fairy tale has a happy end. It was easy to get to this state: some balloons, a pink outfit, a song that expressed exactly how I feel. From time to time, I think it’s a good exercise for everyone, we should never forget how it was when we were children, when games and fairy tales represented our world, and every day was a challenge for discovering new and beautiful things. Even if we still discover the world every day, the balloons and bubbles era is over, but we can still play from time to time.


Top: Pimkie

Flared pink skirt: by Nona

Brooch: Thanks to Bunny Mada (gift)

6 57


Dress: Ross Stores (US)

Accessories: Meli Melo



Flared pink skirt: By Nona

Swimsuit: Golden Point

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