Insights into my wardrobe

For me, creating an outfit represents one of the most creative moments: that time when I wake up and I have 5 minutes to select the right clothes to wear for the day. My wardrobe is composed of 70% elegant clothes: suits, shirts, skirts, dresses, different colors and fabrics that I love to combine in order to come up with an inspiring combination. 90% of my wardrobe is handmade by my lovely mother, every time I mark an item as by Nona, this means Nona, my mom created it for me. Usually I came up with the idea: “I want a yellow shirt with small ruffles” and she selects the right fabric, the buttons and the other accessories needed. Having a personal tailor is one of the things I feel blessed most in life. I have the chance to get all the items I want created for my exact size. It is also much cheaper, buying only the fabrics and accessories needed, even the best quality ones is always cheaper than buying the product ready-made. Not all the clothes are created based on my ideas, cause Nona is very creative and she likes to surprise me with new items, that she consider would fit me (like the blue jacket below). Please join me in this fabulous journey: I will start creating outfits that I like and share it with you. Any suggestions for improvement are more than welcome, remember, I started this blog for my personal development.

2a 1a 3purseshoes~~Outfit~~

Jacket (with floral inserts): By Nona

Shirt (with small ruffles): By Nona

Skirt (simple black skirt): By Nona

Bag: Koton

Shoes: Wikotti

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