First day in Vienna

After coming back from my honeymoon, the first thing that I wanted to do was to plan the next vacation. I realized that having an upcoming vacation planned makes me happier, motivates me better. That’s why in early October I booked the plane tickets to Vienna for mid December. I considered is the best destination to visit in the winter holidays season. And now looking back I think I was right. I had 5 wonderful days in Vienna.1

The first day was mostly for getting to know the city. We flew early in the morning with Niki Airlines. I found out that the company is owned by Niki Lauda. It was a very nice flight,there were no delays. We took the train S7 to get to the city center. For transportation we bought a 4 days complete subscription (costs 17 euros/person) and in the last day we had another 24 hours pass (6 euros). To get from the airport to the city center we bought an additional 2 euros ticket. We got to the Saint Stephan Cathedral and I was impressed by the horses carriages decorated for Chrismas. As we had to check in at 2 pm we searched for a place to eat. We choose Achileus, a very nice Greek restaurant. After having a very wealthy meal we took the tram to get to our rented apartment. In the evening we had a walk in the city center, I saw Hofburg, the Museum Cartier and VolksTheater by night, and stopped at the first X-mas fair, close to Marie Antoinette statue. I loved from the beginning the Austrian sausages.

Stay tuned, four more days to come!

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