First autumn leaves and pastel colors

Dear autumn, welcome in my life with your breezy mornings, colorful leaves and birthday celebrations of my dearest women: my mother, my sister and my grandmother. I have the feeling it will be a wonderful season, I must confess I’m daydreaming more than ever, having so many ideas that I can’t wait to share with you. To celebrate the autumn arrival, I chose to take a few shots in the park. Even if usually I prefer colorful outfits, this time I made a pastel combination that I consider ideal for a sunny afternoon. I plan to explore nature more this season and I’m glad that Bucharest offers a lot of options. How about visiting a new park every day? It’s a pity that we don’t have enough free time to do this, but at least once a week a walk in the park can be very refreshing, relaxing and even inspiring. For ideas where to go out and spend some time in the nature, Eve created recently a Bucharest parks guide. What is your favorite park in Bucharest?53241  ~~Outfit~~

      Dress: by Nona

      Shoes: Bata

                                                                            Bag: Moa

                                                              Brooch: handmade by Eve


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