Exploring London, first day

Today it’s been a month since I came back from England. I’ve spent lovely weekends and Easter there this year. Last year at Easter time I visited Eve in Aarhus, Denmark, it was my first Easter away from home and I totally enjoyed it. This year I had the opportunity to spend this holiday in London. Florin joined me for a long weekend and we met at Marble Arch. I was so excited to come back to London! As I stayed more time on British lands, I let him come up with the to-do list for the 4 days we spent there together.  The weather was the best that I ever saw in this country and we were so eager to explore this amazing city. Starting from Marble Arch where we arrived almost at the same time, our journey began with a walk in Hyde Park. I had big expectations from this royal park, but the area that we crossed along the Park Lane looked like is under renovation. All the trash cans were covered and there were fences surrounding all the green spots. It wasn’t closed as I saw people running or walking their dogs but I’m sure it will be improved. Our first stop was at the Buckingham Palace. Even if we arrived in the area almost an hour before the guard change (11.30 am), the place was already crowded, people from all over the world were waiting for the show. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I liked the brass band and the horses. It took a lot longer than I thought and after this, we crossed the second royal park, St James. A lot of tulips and birds, people laying on the grass made it so full of life. We continued our journey with a history lesson at Westminster Abbey. From my point of view, the tour can be easily skipped, but if you decide to see it, audio guide is included in the entrance price. I liked the Poet’s Corner, the place were a lot of artists were buried, like Charles Dickens or have memorials here (Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily and Charlotte Bronte). I had a look also at the indoor garden, but the visitors are not allowed to walk in that area, it’s only for the monks. We continued our journey admiring the House of Parliament and heading to Trafalgar Square. It was the first place where I saw people performing on the street in London. A group of boys were dancing and they were really appreciated by the crowd. We had a look at the first floor of the National Gallery. My advice: if you want to visit this amazing museum, it’s better to come here in the morning. In this way you can take your time to explore everything. We got here already tired and that’s why we saw only a small part of it. This was my first day in London, more adventures coming up!





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