The last day in Vienna

Unfortunately, the last day in Vienna came, and we had to pack and check out at 11 am. But this didn’t mean for us the end of fun. Our first goal was to find some secure boxes to store our luggage until the evening when we had our flight back to Bucharest.
This was an easy task, at a subway station, that has an elevator that got us in the middle of a mall we found the boxes we needed. We were then free to explore Vienna for another few hours. We surrendered Hofburg again, to admire the Baroque architecture for one more time. The next destination was Vienna State Opera. Unfortunately it was closed 5for visitors that day, but no worries, we have one more reason to come back. I liked the building in Neo-Renaissance style. We continued our last route by walking to discover the Danube course. I noticed the Albertina museum, with the nice coloured stairs. As our time was limited we skipped it and went to the Danube, I found the river smaller that I expected.
For our remaining time, we choose Stadtpark. I was impressed here by the big amount of ducks that overwhelmed us. The Strauss golden statue is here, one of Vienna’s symbols. Next to it, there was a jukebox and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfor one euro, you can listen to a few Strauss plays and also the history of the statue and the park. I liked the idea.
After the enchanting walk in the park we made a stop in a cozy cafe with very nice atmosphere. In our way to the airport we stopped in a few souvenirs shops next to Saint Stephen Cathedral. I bought the photo frame that got my attention from the first day. I made a habit to buy the most stylish, fashion photo frames from the destinations I travel. Maybe I will share a picture with my collection so far. My trip ends with the flight back to Bucharest, that I cannot say too much, as I slept the hole time. I encountered Bucharest totally refreshed, with my general knowledge improved and already feeling the X-mas spirit. Now let the holidays begin!!!

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