Norman Wisdom – the Little but Great Man

This evening I watched a movie that really made me laugh – Man of the Moment . Norman Wisdom is one of the best comedy actors of all times. I will definitely watch more of his movies, now I’m sure that when you want to see a good comedy film, you can’t go wrong with Norman! Reading briefly his biography I was surprised to find out that he had a hard childhood (his family being very poor, then his mother died and he lived in an orphanage). I feel the need to express my admiration for people like Norman, that face a hostile life, but find the power to do great things. Ironically, people who are born with everything in life don’t manage to achieve such performances. I consider it’s necesarry to have a very strong will, a great character and of course talent to get to that level. Norman, like many others can be a model for all of us. I think in life it’s important to have dreams and to follow them no matter what, to work for it every day and to go the extra mile to make it happen.

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