Blue Lace @ Great Venue

Last weekend I attended a very beautiful party with dear friends. Every time I go to a celebration like this, I get overwhelmed by the love that people involved put in the details. I had an amazing night and of course, I couldn’t help myself not to take a few shots. The camera settings were sometimes quite bad, but please be tolerant as myself and the lonely penguin try to learn as much as possible but we have time restrictions due to our full time jobs. We’ll get there, I have no doubt, at the day when we’ll be able to configure the camera with our eyes closed for an outdoor pic or for an indoor portrait . We are too passionate to give up and it’s also so much fun!

The result can be seen below, my hope is that we’ll also get some professional photos, as the photographer present at the event – Violeta Patrichi – saw us fooling around and entered our game by taking some shots. The blonde guest in the photos below is my dear friend, Madalina.

mada1 s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7

While you’re reading this I’m heading to London for a business trip. Eve is joining me for the weekend, just to be my companion in the beautiful city of London. If last year we explored Denmark just the two of us, this year is time to go bigger, follow Kate Morton at Elephant and Castle, spend as much time as possible in the Science Museum and just hit the streets an discover everything what London had to offer. Please stay with us in this amazing journey, hopefully many surprises will come.

Dress: by Nona

Necklace and Earrings – Sapphire Jewerly from B&B Collection

Makeup – Yves Rocher (Makeup Days Campaign)

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